Monday, 19 March 2012



Simply a must after a Sunday Supper. Super easy and delicious. Crumble for me is probably one of my favourite puddings alongside cheesecake. It is all in the topping as to how good the crumble is. The fruit base layer is merely a flavour addition to the crumble. Done well and the topping will be sweet & light. Done poorly and you will either have a dry crumble or dense crumble!

The trick with crumble is to get the proportion of ingredients correct and not put the topping onto steaming hot fruit.

After a spectacular black tie dinner on Friday evening, I was still recovering on Sunday evening, however, this homely pudding should did the trick to put a cap on it!

Tops a crumble to serve 6
Pre heat the oven to 180°C
Bake to perfection for 30 minutes 
Serve with custard or ice cream

You will need the following:
125g Soft Brown Sugar
125g Oats
125g Flour
125g Butter
Measure all of the ingredients into a bowl

Gently rub together with your fingers

Once with crumble is a light golden colour & looks like this, the crumble is ready

Choose your fruit; peel & chop up

Line the fruit in the base of an over proof dish

Add crumble topping & bake to perfection for 25 minutes 


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