Friday, 6 April 2012

Hot Cross Buns

Coming home I was enlightened by my mother that it was Good Friday and this was the day to eat hot cross buns. The cross symbolises the crucifixion don't you know!! In accordance with my mantra (bake don't buy) I persuaded my mother it would be fun to have a go at baking some. So, in a break of tradition where my recipes that I usually post on The Perfect Bake are tried and tested recipes, I am going out on a limb and sharing a recipe with you that I have never tried! However, I have played it safe with a little number from Delia. Trustworthy, always. 

Stick with the steps, there are lots of them & all worth it! Better than any shop bought hot cross buns I've ever tasted ...
"these aren't just any hot cross buns, these are home made perfect bake 
(with a little help from delia) hot cross buns!"

Makes 12
Pre-heat the oven to 220°C
Bake to Perfection for 15 minutes

You will need the following: 
 450g Plain Flour 
50g Caster Sugar & 1tsp more 
1tbsp Dried Yeast 
1tsp Ground Mixed Spice
1 pinch of salt

75g Currents
50g Mixed Peel 
50g Butter, melted
45ml Milk, warmed 
1 Egg, beaten

110g Plain Flour
4tbsp Water

2tbsp Caster Sugar
3tbsp water
Zest of 1/4 of an orange
Measure out150ml of hand hot water & dissolve the 1tsp of caster sugar
(run the hot tap for a bit & that will be the right temperature)

Next add in the yeast into the dissolved sugar mix

In a bowl, mix together the flour, currents, peel, caster sugar, mixed spice & salt

Make a well in the middle of the flour mix & pour in the yeast mixture

Next add in the warm milk

Slightly fold the mix together and then add in the melted butter & beaten egg

Mix until combined

Lightly flour a surface

Next you must knead the dough. Put the mix on the table and push down with palm of your hands first, push the dough forwards & then pull it back together. 

Here is a short clip on what kneading dough is ... not sure how well I explained it above but hopefully you get the gist of it!

 Repeat this folding the dough back over itself until a smooth ball is formed
(This will take roughly 6 minutes)

Lightly oil a strip of cling film comme ci
(this is so when the dough rises it does not stick to the cling film)

Place the dough back in the bowl & cover in the lightly oiled cling film 
Leave to rise for 1 hour in a warm place 

Line two baking trays with grease proof paper

After 1 hour ...

Split your dough ball in half 

Roll the two halves into log shapes & score into six equal pieces

 Cut the dough into six

Roll the dough pieces into small balls 

Next to ensure the hot cross buns are circular shape the sides in your hands like so ...

Place the buns on the two trays 
(six per tray)

Score each bun with a deep cross, cover again with lightly oiled cling film 
(using the same technique as above)

Leave  to rise for 25 minutes 
At this point pre-heat the oven to 220°C

Whilst the buns are rising make the mix for the crosses with the flour & water

Roll out the mix to roughly 2mm thick (so actually rather thin!)

Cut into strips roughly 1/2cm wide

Dip in water and lay on the buns where the scored crosses are  

& Ta Daa ...

Bake to perfection for 15 minutes

Whilst they are baking it is time to make the glaze ... the secret to the shiny-ness!! 
Dissolve the sugar in the water & add in the orange zest

After 15 minutes take your buns out of the oven & immediately brush the glaze over the buns

Et voilà ... something rather special for Easter

  Best enjoyed hot with lashings of butter & the jam of your choice ... 
I toasted mine & was in an indecisive mood so went for two varieties of jam

Raise your game & make your own hot cross buns this Easter Weekend ... 
I'm sure no one will mind that you are enjoying them post Good Friday! 

Enjoy ... 

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  1. Just gorgeous! These are true traditional hot cross buns and I love the way you did the crosses! They look better than any I've seen! YUM!