Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Frozen Strawberry Yoghurt

"Adiós summer" is how I feel at the moment. The reality of the looming life post university is settling in, job hunting has commenced, friends are applying to jobs, starting their masters or moving into London and on top of the job wobbles, the weather is ducking and diving all over the place ... everything is incredibly shaky in life at the moment. I am stabling my life by organising 'things to look forward to' whilst I pace myself through the application process. My personal favourite is a winter holiday to Morocco; I have wanted to visit for a while now, so shall enjoy the chance to catch some pre-Christmas sun and explore the delicacies that Morocco has to offer! In the meantime, visiting friends is my perfect stabiliser for life at the moment!

So due to the vast amount of uncertainty and my worry that the warm summer days are drying up, I thought I would squeeze in a post that is a dead cert set (apologies)!! With gluts of strawberries on sale at the local market, we had too many to eat at once in our fridge. I thought it a good idea to make good of what we had surplus and make a slightly healthier alternative to ice cream... it is the last chance to get a summery blog in before my onslaught of all bakes autumn roll in! (I cannot wait)

You will need the following:
1 Tub of Plain Yoghurt
(500g or 1kg)
(not the fat-free or low-fat options)
300g Strawberries
1Tbsp Honey
1Tbsp Water

Chop up 50g of your strawberries and pop them into your tub of yoghurt.
Hull the rest of the strawberries and place them in a pan with the honey and water
Bring to the boil
Fold in your Strawberries
I decided to pop some of the mixture into little pots, to be able to serve with a hot pudding at some point!
Wait for several hours until yoghurt is frozen (best left overnight)

Serve on its own or with a pudding or cake of your choice!!

Enjoy ...

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