Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nutella and White Chocolate Marble Cake

First recipe of the New Year.. and the first month of the New Year is almost over! Life seems to be going increasingly quickly nowadays, the weeks race by and the weekends even quicker.. I thought it was about time to share a recipe as we have done nearly all of Jan now. The New Year resolutions should be in full flow, although some might be tittering on the verge of collapse, diets might be wobbling slightly, mine was as wobbly as jelly on a plate from day one, dry Janners might be getting thirsty and certainly as I have seen in the gym, the fitness regimes might be slowing down. My New Year resolution is staying though, although isn't as tough as changing a routine it is more adhering to a principle. That principle is to look after myself better... something that I have realised I need to do better. This encompasses a better diet and exercise but also to take more time for me, have more fun and most importantly be less stressed and hopefully if I do all of the above I will be the best I can be. That's the hope anyway... 

I thought I would share a recipe with you that is super easy and super impressive. A good birthday cake, one to show off to friends about, or one just to please yourself with and break the New Year diet!!

Serves 12
Pre-heat the oven to 180°C
Bake to perfection for 35-40 minutes

You will need the following:
350g Butter
150g Caster Sugar
200g Golden Caster Sugar
350g Self Raising Flour 
6 Eggs
75g Coca Powder
100g Good Quality Chocolate 
1Tsp Baking Powder 
1Tbsp Milk

200g Nutella
200g Icing Sugar
1Tbsp Milk

Chop the butter into small pieces and start to soften with a spoon

Cream together the sugar and butter

Once creamed together add the eggs one at a time and beat in to the mixture before adding the next

Slowly sift in the flour and fold into the mix

 Split the mixture in half using another bowl
Melt the chocolate in a bowl for 1 minute in the microwave and add to one half of the mixture
Then add in the cocoa powder

In the other half (the plain mix) add in the milk
 Next artfully dollop half of each mix into one tin and half into another ... when pouring in, envisage the marble effect that you will have when you cut into a slice

Using a spoon smooth the mixture into swirls

Whilst the cake in baking mix nutella, milk and icing sugar in a bowl until smooth

Once your cake has cooled spread the nutella mix on the top of the bottom layer

Place the top layer ontop of the nutella layer and start to smooth over the entire cake

Tip: Dollop half of your mix  on the top and start to smooth outwards in a circular motion using the back of a spoon. 
Once covered place in the fridge to set

Whilst the icing is setting, melt the white chocolate in a microwave for 1 minute

Artfully drizzle over your cake and try to resist not eating it!
Place in the fridge once again to set for 30 minutes


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