Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Birthday Cake

It was my little sister Flo's birthday on Sunday. 20 years young & so it was time to make a fab birthday cake. She had a very long celebratory lunch with her friends and so I wanted to make a cake that would impress & be enjoyed by all. This is a fool-proof birthday cake that is easily rustled up & will impress and be appreciated by all! 

Reasons why ...

1. it is chocolate
2. it is layered with a dark chocolate & white chocolate icing
3. it is topped with a thick layer of white chocolate icing
4. it is finished off with a glut of strawberries, shavings of white chocolate & gold dust on top 

... do I need to go on?!

Serves 12
Pre-heat the oven to 180°C
Bake to perfection for 22-24 minutes

You will need the following:

225g Butter
225g Caster Sugar
225g Self Raising Flour 
4 Eggs
50g Coca Powder
50g Good Quality Dark Chocolate 
1Tsp Baking Powder 
1Tbsp Milk

Dark Chocolate Icing
50g Good Quality Dark Chocolate 
50g Butter
275g Icing Sugar
1Tsp Plain Yoghurt

White Chocolate Icing
75g Good Quality White Chocolate 
50g Butter
275g Butter
1Tsp Plain Yoghurt

Edible Gold Dust


Cream together the butter & sugar

Add the eggs in one at a time

Sift in the cocoa powder

Tip: fold in gently ... you'll be covered in cocoa powder if you don't! 

Next sift in the flour

Melt your chocolate & stir it in

Grease two cake tins

Now add in the baking powder

Finally add the milk

Quickly pop in the oven & bake to perfection

Whilst the cake is cooling make the two batches of icing 

Melt the chocolate & combine with the butter 

Add in the icing sugar 

Combine until smooth 

Now build your birthday cake in seven steps ... 

1. Even out your bottom layer with a knife if your cake has slightly domed
2. Spread a layer of the dark chocolate icing on the bottom layer
3. Add roughly 2 heaped tablespoons of the white icing mix ...

 & spread out

4. Add your second layer

5. Then spoon the rest of your icing onto the top of the second layer & using the back of the spoon spread the icing around the cake 

6. Chop your strawberries in half and pile on top of the cake

7. Add edible gold dust & finely grate a cube of white chocolate 

(close up arty farty photo of the strawbs)

& Ta daa ..

Enjoy ... 

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