Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Free Range


I am currently on holiday in North Devon with my family and taking the opportunity to post due to the miserable weather outside today. Where I am staying is idyllic, Upcott Farm plays host to two ducks and a brood of chicken that roam around the gardens freely. The ducks are seeming to enjoy the wet weather today, however, the chickens are nestled away in their spacious house. The other day whilst pottering in the garden I thought I would check on the chickens ... in their roomy quarters I found a couple of eggs; still warm!! 

I thought I would put these eggs to good use & bake a cake. Lemon drizzle was the choice & I cannot express how colourful the yolks of the eggs were. Consequently, the colour in the cake batter was far more vibrant than usual. I always use free range eggs in my cakes but these were something else! 

The conclusion I drew from this bake was that of the following ... 

If you have a garden big enough ... get some chickens & ducks! 

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