Thursday, 9 February 2012

The beginning of the baking blog...

I am not the kind of girl who can diet. My mother kindly said to me a few years ago "Darling, I know I will never have to worry about you becoming to skinny; you enjoy cake too much!" This I have to say is true, I am incredibly food conscious until it comes to my cake. It baffles me that more people don't bake more regularly, many of my girlfriends at uni choose not too bake as they are unsure and overwhelmed by the whole affair. Madness I say! Baking should be easy & enjoyable...

I am of the opinion that baking is one of those fab skills to have in your weaponry - a quick cake to go with a cup of tea when a friend drops round, the show stopper pudding to casually bring to your friend's dinner party or that essential cure to a hangover that will be highly appreciated by anyone in the same state who gets to share in your genius! 

So what can I promise you from this blog ... fab EASY recipes for every occasion and some good old fashioned advice for achieving the modern day perfect bake. Hopefully if you follow these you shall enjoy (as much as I do) deliciously divine results to share with friends & family.

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