Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Don't break the bank ...

So, I feel that some of you may need some encouragement to actually pick up that spoon & starting creating you're own perfect bakes! Some people can be put off by the idea of creating the perfect bake at home; instead they will head to their local supermarket of choice and buy ready made treats as it seems easier and cheaper. I can tell you now, although it may be easier, it will most definitely not be as tasty and surprisingly, it can be cheaper to bake at home. 

As I trundle around the supermarket on my weekly food trip, usually half asleep, in a world of my own or eyeing up what other people have in their trolleys (always amusing), I find myself slipping in the odd extra baking ingredient to top up my supplies ... I have news for you; it doesn't cost the earth! 
There are some basic ingredients you should always have on hand (with these you can satisfy any sweet craving with the odd added extra):

  • Self-Raising Flour (1.5kg - 50p)
  • Butter or Margarine (butter 250g - £1.20 or margarine 500g - £1)
  • Eggs (12 woodland eggs - £2)
  • Sugar (granulated 1kg - 99p or caster 1kg - £1.99)

My tip - its o.k. to go value. We do it in our normal food shop, so why not with baking products. Once it is cooked it will taste a million dollars! For example, the white chocolate in my brownies ... basics chocolate 35p for a 100g bar; like I said, doesn't have to cost the earth! 

From this, I hope you can only conclude that when you are thinking of buying that shop made birthday cake or pack of cookies, that you think about it long and hard and pluck up the courage to buy some baking store basics & buy the supplies that will keep you baking for a while! 

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