Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween Cake

Trick or Treat?! 

...obviously treat.

It is that time of year, I'm carving out my pumpkin today (better late than never) & try to avoid eating all of the treats ready for umpteen village children to come trick-or-treating! It might just have to be a trick if I get hungry...

The best bit of news for me in recent happenings is that I was offered a job! I can't quite get over it yet, still in disbelief and exhausted at the thought of how much I have to organise! Mind you I love to organise and as HRH Prince Charles noted, us Brits are pretty good at Organising things. 

Here is my nod to Halloween...

You will need to follow the Chocolate, Coffee & Nutmeg Cake Recipe or the Chocolate Cake Recipe as a base, then follow the icing instructions as follows.

You will need the following:

300g Icing Sugar
100g Crème Fraiche
1Tsp Camp Coffee
1Tsp Vanilla Extract
50g Granulated Brown Sugar

25g Dark Chocolate
2Tsp Warm Water


Melt your chocolate chips with the water, stir once melted

Cut a circle out of greaseproof paper, fold it in half, then half again, and once more. 
Push the creases towards one another to form a cone 

Snip the bottom off  & spoon in the chocolate. Fold over the top

Get your iced cake

Pipe five rough circles

Using a wooden kebab skewer or sharp knife, starting at the centre of your cake drag the skewer or knife to the edges of your cake, until you have a spiders web


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